Last week we completed a job on West 125th St in New York City. We used a Bay Crane LTM 1500 (600 ton crane) which required an assist crane to assemble. We started the project at 10pm Saturday night and the permit was valid until 11am Sunday, so we had to be efficient.

First, four wide load trailers arrived on site Friday night. One of them had a 53,000 pound chiller housing transported from NJ. It was 42 ft long, 12.6 ft wide and 11.6 ft high.

We also had 2 chillers come from our shop Friday night that were 13.6 ft high, 20 ft long and 8 ft wide that weighed 12,000 pounds each.

Next, we had a cooling tower that contained four sections come from our yard to the job site Friday night. The dimensions of this tower was 10ft wide, 8 ft long and 13 ft high. The tower was lifted in sections and put together on the roof.

We also had to bring another container that was 20 ft long, by 8 ft wide and 10 ft high Saturday night.

For all of this to happen, we needed to use 11 trailers of counter weights and jib extensions. this required a lot of coordination. It took five hours to assemble the main crane.

The master rigger for this project was Gerry from JC Duggan. He came to our shop to help organize all the rigging and tools needed for the project. He was at the job site from beginning to the end, even through the night. We also worked with five pedestrian managers and six certified flaggers since we could not shut down 125th St. We were required to keep two lanes open; one for each direction and shut down the buses for the night.

It was a great project that required a lot of teamwork and skill. We are proud of the work that everyone did on the project to help us complete the job in a safe manner.




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