Cooler in snow
Last month on West 125th st , we rigged a large container weighing 53,000 lbs. The unit was 12 ft wide, 43 ft long and 11.6ft high.
We transported the unit in on Friday night and had to stay at the site until Sunday morning when we were needed to lift it
On Saturday, we used a LTM 1500 Crane with an assist crane to hoist the following
  • 43 ft container weighing 53,000 lbs.
  • 20ft container weighing 14,000 lbs
A cooling tower in four sections also had to be brought in Friday night because it was a wide load and we needed to move it when there was minimal traffic.
We also lifted two chillers that were wide loads as well that were brought to the site Friday night and had to wait until Sunday to be lifted.
It was tiring work, but the crew was up to the challenge!