This past week, we replaced some HVAC units on the roof of the Prince George homeless shelter at 14 East 28th St.
We set up on 27th St. for the first phase, then returned in two weeks and set up on
West 28th St. so that we could put the remaining units up to the roof.

We used an LTM 1300 Crane with 144′ main boom plus 11.5 insert and 149′ of Luffing jib, making
our total boom height of 319.5 feet and 101,000 of counter weight.

The project took us eight hours total to build the crane, and then five hours to perform the picks and then break the crane down. We started at 5am and we were done by 1pm.

We received, unloaded, stored, reloaded and delivered the units to the job site the day of of the job. The heaviest pick weighed 15,000 pounds with the rigging / on hook. See pictures of the job below.