Crane in NYC

We completely closed down West 120th St. from 7am to 11am the other day to rig a chiller and condenser for Barnard College in NYC.

We used a LTM 1220 with jib and 79.4 counterweight.

The project was located within 200′ of a subway,  so we had to submit to the Transit Authority to get the Engineered drawings approved before we could do the work at this site.

We removed one Chiller and one Condenser from the roof of the building.  Next, we had to hoist the replacement  chiller and condenser into place. We received, unloaded, stored, reloaded and delivered the equipment to the job site.

We had very limited hours because DOT did not want to issue us a permit for daytime hours due to the fact that the street is so busy.  But since we stated that we were able able to complete the work in four hours they issued the permit to us.

The college had no air or heat for the day while we worked and this was an area of the school where they have their animals kept, so the school was under pressure to make sure this rig went smoothly. All in all, everything went well and everyone was happy.




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