Rushing Person

During the holidays season people tend to have their minds on other things than safety. They are trying to rush around to finish shopping, plan and go to holiday parties and also worry about making sure that everything on their checklist is completed. While doing this, safety is often overlooked and there are more accidents and incidents.

People are rushing around and talking on their cell phone. We are a busy species! It is amazing to see how many people are preoccupied and almost walk into other people while texting or talking on the phone. But the serious matter it that something serious can happen such as walking into traffic or into a work zone. There has been numerous times when we have had to tell people to stay clear of an area that we are working in where they can be hit by a forklift or have something fall on them.

Then there are the drivers that do not pay attention to their surroundings. They are putting themselves and others at risk. Some of our employees have almost been hit by distracted drivers.

Make sure to pay attention to what is going on around you, now and during the holidays. Your plans can wait, your health and safety are more important.

We hope that you have had a great holiday season.